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Knowledge is KEY! Which package is most suitable for you?

Updated: Jan 3

Thank you for visiting

Do take the time to browse my website and should you have any queries, I would be happy to reply you ASAP.

I hope you would attend some (or all) of my classes.

I am very sure you will find them beneficial :-)

I would also like to invite you to attend this FREE class,

Do read this to understand better the packages I offer :

Our BEST DEAL is the DIAMOND Package which comes with

3 Breastfeeding Classes & 6 Parenting Classes

1. Love Breastfeeding Class

2. Breastfeeding & the Working Mom

3. Breastmilk handling & Storage Guidelines

4. Raising Positive Kids

5. The Power of Nurture Talk

6. The Holistic Infant Sleep Class

7. ABC of weaning

8. Baby's growth and Development

9. Bonding thru Babywearing.


FREE Whatsapp Consultation till your baby's first birthday! FREE in-person Breastfeeding Class (at specific date and venue, check here)

Through this package, you get one year access to all classes

(to revise in case you are forgetful hahah! )

and also get real-time support for any questions you may have, especially when the going gets tough and you are feeling overwhelmed or confused. Or, you could just start off with the GOLD Package which also comes with 3 Breastfeeding Classes & 6 Parenting Classes

and you have 6 months of access to the classes. Should you have any questions after attending the classes, you could ask them via the website FORUM, and it will be answered by myself or any one of our experts. You can also choose to upgrade later. Or,,, you could choose just the e-LoveBreastfeeding Class. It cost RM280, but I am giving a special deal (until further notice!) for you to attend it for just RM80!

Wishing you an amazing day ahead. love, Gina Yong

Breastfeeding Consultant Parenting Coach

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