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Ashley Hau-Yi

  • Facebook

TBAN Breastfeeding Consultant

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Patreena Kam

  • Facebook

Children Nutrition Coach & Wellness Planner


Charmaine Chek

  • Facebook

Babywearing Consultant


Gina Yong

  • Facebook

Breastfeeding Consultant & Parenting Coach

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Daphne Lee-Yang

  • Facebook

Hypnobirthing® Childbirth Educator &

Health Coach

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Felicia Suah

  • Facebook

Infant Massage Instructor


the breastfeeding advocates network

The Breastfeeding Advocates Network (TBAN) is an online support group for breastfeeding in Facebook. Established in September 2009, we have grown to almost 150,000 members and are currently receiving an average of 50 new members daily.

Mommies and daddies receive help and support in the group to breastfeed their babies. Some mommies received help in the form of home visits or private online or tele-consultation from qualified Breastfeeding Counselors in the group. Our aim is to educate and support the modern parent on breastfeeding and to normalize breastfeeding in our society.


As a registered society, TBAN raises funds for our Breastfeeding Awareness Projects.  In the past, we have utilized funds to print magazines which were distributed freely to mothers throughout Malaysia.

We have also created a PSA in the form of a video, 

Here is a list of all the activities we have achieved.

Certified TBAN Breastfeeding Counsellors


The TBAN-Breastfeeding Counselors have gone through intensive training using materials from WABA , WHO and Malaysia MoH. They are also required to ‘attach and shadow’ a trained and certified BFC before they are certified.

Please note that as all TBAN BfCs are full time working mothers, there will be a delayed response to your private messages.

Also note that due to Facebook’s settings, messages from strangers do not land in the Inbox directly. Your message may land in the Other box where all other messages from strangers will be. However, your message will be looked into when they are online. Please be patient.

YOU will have to contact the TBAN-Breastfeeding Counselor yourself either via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Please go through this list and see who is closest to you.

Note of caution: If you are experiencing onset of infection, please visit your doctor immediately.

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