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Breastfeeding: Preparing for Success
Breastfeeding: Preparing for Success
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Now everyone can attend my most comprehensive
e-LoveBreastfeeding class  at only RM80.00 !!

(this class is priced at RM280 and has been reduced to RM80 until further notice. This is because I want to give everyone a chance to get good and solid information to help you in breastfeeding your precious baby!)

This is an online video-streaming class filled with more than 7 hours of great information.

The e-LoveBreastfeeding Class provides all the expert advice you need to make breastfeeding easy and enjoyable. We offer online video streaming, so you can access the class from the comfort of your own home. You can attend the class at any time that's convenient for you. Join me to learn the skills and techniques to help you have a successful breastfeeding journey.

Use code 'DISCOUNT200' at checkout to get RM200 off this class. You pay only RM80.00 !