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How a missing letter makes all the difference

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Someone sent me her Christmas delivery menu recently:

Spot the mistake?

Would you like to have a Christmas CURSE or a Christmas COURSE meal? ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

One of the top things that my team of TBAN Breastfeeding Counselors and I wish every mom and dad would do is that they would empower themselves with knowledge and information BEFORE baby arrives, and BEFORE they run into any trouble. Sadly. most of these new parents who experience avoidable problems (and sometimes irreversible mistakes) always say that they thought breastfeeding is natural, that they didn't know they need to learn anything. They simply assume nature will take care of everything.

Nature does indeed takes care of things, if things are placed in the right order.

For example, you would expect nature to ensure that a small seed would sprout into a plant and bear fruits, right? But someone needs to first plant the seed, and someone needs to take care of the sprout, and someone needs to protect the plant by giving it water, air, sunshine and occasionally fertilizer in order for the plant to grow strong and healthy and bear much fruits!!

What these new parents DIDN'T KNOW is the 'missing letter' in the breastfeeding and parenting experience. Just one missing letter changed everything!

For example, many parents told me that they didn't know they should never start using the bottle in the first 3 weeks of baby's life, or they didn't know that a pregnant mom can do breast massage safely from the time she's 37 weeks pregnant to enhance milk production and milk flow after delivery.

Also, do you know that you can do certain things and practise certain habits that could help your baby sleep better? That it's possible to start building good sleeping habits in babies even before they are born? Do you know there are certain things you can do to encourage your children to be more agreeable and easier to manage as they grow?

All this should be learnt in the 9 months of pregnancy! You have nine months to prepare for the arrival of your baby. Use it wisely because when baby arrives, most parents will find themselves too busy, or too distressed and overwhelmed to get the crucial information they need to make good decisions. You can get lots of free information/classes on the internet. Here is one of them : and there are many more all over the world wide web. You just have to work at searching for them and identifying which one is good.

Here at I have put together 9 different classes, all correlated and important for any new parents to build a firm foundation for their precious babies, and at the same time make parenting more enjoyable and rewarding.


โœ… Get Started Right

โœ… Learn what it takes to breastfeed for 6 months to 2 years!

โœ… How to avoid the common Breastfeeding Problems

โœ… Love Breastfeeding = Enjoying Breastfeeding



โœ… What you need to know and do before going back to work

โœ… How to accumulate your frozen Breastmilk Stash

โœ… Pumping Techniques to maintain a healthy milk supply

โœ… Milk Boosters

โœ… How much milk to supply to babysitter?



โœ… How do I store breastmilk properly?

โœ… How to know if my milk is spoilt?

โœ… How long can I store milk in fridge/freezer?

โœ… How do I transport milk to the childcare centre?



โฃ๏ธThe Power of Nurture Talk is a technique of giving instructions to your child, and because she/he is totally bonded to you, your child will agree and obey you. This technique can be used to help your baby:

โœ… sleep better

โœ… breastfeed better

โœ… take the bottle willingly

โœ… be happy and calm,

โœ… many more positive outcomes



โœ… Should I Sleep Train?

โœ… Understand the Natural Laws for Sleep

โœ… Setting the stage for your family's good sleep.

โœ… Tips on helping your baby fall asleep


๐ŸŒŸRAISING POSITIVE KIDS๐ŸŒŸ Understand the Natural Law of Parenting

โœ… Understand what makes your child tick

โœ… Utilizing the right approach so that your child will respond positively to you



โœ… Understand your Child's Physical & Mental Development

โœ… How to survive Growth Spurts & Mental Leaps

โœ… Activities to Stimulate your Little Ones

โœ… What does our Children really need from us?



โœ… How Babywearing can make your Life EASIER

โœ… How to soothe a crying baby in minutes!

โœ… Learn how to choose the RIGHT Baby Carrier for your size!



โœ… When & How to Start your baby on Solid Food

โœ… Identify Important Weaning Signs

โœ…Choking and Gagging, what's the difference?

โœ… Traditional vs Baby-Led Weaning

โœ… Baby's First Food

To help you better understand what's covered in the classes: (as you can see, each class is broken down into smaller chapters for your ease of learning)

You can choose 2 different ways to attend the classes :

  1. In-person, face to face (physical class) : Click HERE to learn more & sign up for this

  2. Online-Streaming on-demand class (like Netflix!) at your own pace, start and stop and replay anytime, but with no interactions with the trainer during class, you can still ask questions in the online forum.

The different packages that's offered :

Ask yourself this question: What sort of relationship do I want with my child in 15 years time?"

The most obvious answer is : "I want a relationship in which my child and I are very close to each other, and my child would be able to turn to me for anything."

In order to achieve the close loving relationship you want with your teenager (in 15 years time), you have to start now! (The best time to start is while you are still pregnant, but it's not too late even for those with older children less than 3 years old)

Whichever package you choose, keep this in mind : you are investing in your future with your precious baby.

Don't live with a 'missing letter' ๐Ÿ™‚ Sign up NOW :

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