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"FLYING AN AIRPLANE MADE EASY (Volume 1) - A Beginner's Guide."

Updated: May 25

There was once an airplane cleaner who was diligently tidying up the pilot's cockpit. Amidst his work, his eyes caught sight of a book titled, "FLYING AN AIRPLANE MADE EASY (Volume 1) - A Beginner's Guide."

Curiosity piqued, he gingerly opened the book, revealing the first page that read, "To initiate the engine, press the red button..." Eagerly, he complied, and to his astonishment, the airplane engine roared to life.

A rush of excitement filled his heart as he turned to the next page, which stated, "To set the airplane in motion, press the blue button..." Without hesitation, he pressed the designated button, and before he knew it, the plane surged forward with incredible speed.

Driven by a newfound desire to experience flight, he eagerly flipped to the third page, discovering the instruction that read, "To take flight, press the green button..." Filled with anticipation, he pressed the green button, and the airplane gracefully soared into the sky.

The cleaner was elated, relishing every moment of the exhilarating journey. However, after twenty minutes of soaring through the skies, he grew content and realized it was time to land. With a determined spirit, he turned to the fourth page, seeking guidance on landing. Much to his dismay, page four contained a disappointing message: "To acquire the knowledge of landing, please obtain Volume 2 from the nearest bookstore!"

The Moral of the Story: Never embark on any life-changing and important endeavor without thorough knowledge and information. Incomplete education not only poses risks but can also prove destructive.

What would be the most life-changing endeavor one could experience?

Yes, Being a parent!

Parenting is life's most transformative and paramount journey, with the power to profoundly shape new lives.

Do you have the right information to shape your precious little baby's life?

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