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Healthy Food

What Makes a Healthy Mommy?

An "ideal" diet for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman is simply a varied, balanced, natural diet.

Unfortunately the food that we eat today contain far fewer nutrients than they did 20 years ago...

Expecting a Sibling

Introducing Nutritional Supplementation

Vital vitamins and minerals have dramatically declined in some of our most popular foods. Modern farming methods, long-haul transportation and crop-breeding practices are contributing to the drop in vitamins and minerals. In order to eat a balanced diet of all required nutrients and minerals, we will have to eat 12.6kg of food in a day!!

Thus, Nutritional Supplementation makes perfect sense!

But what kind is best?


Choosing natural supplements in liquid /drink form is definitely a no-brainer, as they are both easily ingested and digested. However, it is vital to be ensured that  the supplements you are consuming is complete and balanced. Bio-availability and the synergistic effects of combined ingredients must be your top priority. Synthetic vitamins should be avoided at all cost, as they are chemical preparations which may be harmful or misleading.

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Nutritional Supplements for

Pregnant & Nursing Women

Most new mothers in their ‘confinement period’ are very likely to be consuming an imbalanced diet (with lots of meat, carbohydrates and ginger). Many do not consume enough fruits and vegetables, which will inevitably lead to many health problems.

The main reason many mothers give up breastfeeding is because of exhaustion. This is especially true when the mother has not been providing her body with the necessary and essential substances (vitamins and minerals) it needs to generate and sustain energy.

For pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, ‘FITLINE’ – a high quality NATURAL nutritional supplement from Germany, is highly recommended. It’s in powder form, to be mixed with water, into a refreshing, delicious cocktail. FitLine ensures the bio-availability of the nutrients and vital substances and also ensures that your body gets enough liquid to produce better quality milk and have you feeling your healthiest!

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

Please do take the time to learn more about FitLine and the many benefits you will experience from it. I only promote what I wholeheartedly believe in!

- Gina.

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