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Nov 2008

My baby Xavier is coming 5 months old and I am EXCLUSIVELY breastfeeding him and plan to continue breastfeeding until he is at least 2 years old (According to WHO recommendation).

I am very grateful to Gina for her Breastfeeding Talk. I attended her talk with my husband when I was 7 months pregnant and the talk was very informative. Also, we met like minded parents who are positive about breastfeeding. Honestly, the first few days after delivery was very challenging as the baby will cry a lot and there will be the experienced mothers and grandmothers who will drop by my house to give negative comments and lure us to feed our baby with formula, water or herbs. However, when armed with knowledge and determination, exclusive breastfeeding will be successful! We want the BEST for our baby and EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING is the BEST for our baby. I highly recommend all parents to attend this talk :) Cheers.



Jan 2021

I thank God for giving me a beautiful baby girl Selene. Born on 7 July 2003. She is a fully breastfeed baby for 2 & half years. Thanks to my wonderful friend

Gina Yong who has taught me how to breastfeed. As this was my first born baby, I struggled to overcome obstacles like the old traditional belief from my mum, that my milk is not enough & baby is always hungry when crying. I also have to keep my mind positive & happy, and have strong will so that I can breastfeed my baby. Taking care of my health & good nutrients is vital for a mother & child. Knowing good facts & knowledge about breastfeeding helps me to belief in myself. There are many positive benefits from breastfeeding. 1. Good bonding between mother & child. 2. Baby is secure, happy & healthy. 3. Father not need to buy formula milk & save money  4. It's easy & fulfilling for mother & child.  5. Helps mum to get back to shape.  6. Baby built good immune system.  

I am proud to be a breastfeeding mother to my 3 kids. Without Gina's guidance & support, I don't think I can do it. To all mothers, the best gift, you can give to your child is breastfeeding. If I can do it, I'm sure you can.



Jan 2021

Breastfeeding has been the most rewarding journey in my relationship with my sons. The knowledge, encouragement, and guidance I received from Gina was tremendous and

tremendous and irreplaceable. What started as a painful journey became an experience of joy and bonding that will last a lifetime. Thanks to Gina who was quick to identify the wrong latches and patiently guided me through it all. She is someone who I could turn to any time of the day and most importantly her contagious spirit and confidence enabled me to savor the journey for a total of 7 years…long enough for my son to say “mummy, you breast feeding me is like God always providing the best for his people”. A statement I will treasure forever. Thank you Gina!

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Jan 2021

Before attending Gina’s breastfeeding class, I always thought it to be as natural as putting baby to the nipple and it’s done. Little did I know that there are

to it as in engorgement, how to determine if baby is drinking well, which position can suit mommy and baby more comfortably. These are all brand new information and I wish I had attended the class sooner to be more well prepped before baby’s arrival. The class covered many important topics and in so detail that it sets a strong foundation for both myself and my wife with breastfeeding knowledge which I have to admit, is more effective when we are able to identify an issue almost immediately and knowing when help is really needed before it’s too late. That said, theory and real life experience is of course not the same. As a new daddy to me is quite a challenging one especially the feeling of being clueless and helpless seeing your wife suffering from latching issues despite already being so mentally exhausted when baby arrives. That’s when we needed help and after engaging Gina’s consultation during baby’s first few days, it made everything seems smoother as how I remembered being desperate for help. She is so nice to read our urgency and rearranged her schedule to meet us at her earliest availability. She doesn’t only guide us on the issue but encouraged me, the daddy to be more involved so that mummy can get as much support as she needed. Not only did she helped us phase by phase through babies first few months, she selflessly shared her knowledge from time to time by checking in to see how we are doing and how is baby doing and also making sure we understand the causes of the issues we faced so that we could overcome it precisely. We always learned beyond what we asked during her consultations and she never fail to address our concern swiftly. Having engaged her consultations a few times at baby’s different stage of life has made me open up my perspective to know that a daddy can actually participate more in this breastfeeding/motherhood journey to share the heavy load on my wife’s shoulders. My not so little one is turning 8 months, happy and active. I am really grateful to have Gina guide us from the very beginning and absolutely worth every second of my time in her classes. No regrets.

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Jan 2009


My husband and I attended your Breastfeeding Seminar last November 08 at Tiny Tapir, and I just wanted to

express my appreciation for the information you gave. It was incredibly helpful for me with the birth of my first baby in December. Little Charlie learnt how to latch very quickly using your technique, and I refer to your handbook constantly for advice and guidance. In fact, baby is so good at breastfeeding that last week he latched on in mid-air - when my husband is handing him to me for a feed! It really surprised us! Once again, many many thanks - breastfeeding is very enjoyable and I am glad to have had your advice to help me with it!

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Feb 2011


I am just writing to say Thank you sooo much for your fantastic Breastfeeding class. I thought I was prepared with the 

books I had read, but I got so much more from attending your class. The information and demonstrations you provided have given me complete confidence in my ability to know what to do in order to Breastfeed. Your presentation was fun, interesting and highly beneficial. Thank you again.

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