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Mother and Baby


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Gina Yong
Breastfeeding Consultant & Parenting Coach

Gina Yong is a highly energetic and driven Entrepreneur who enjoys sharing knowledge and experiences with others. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the area of training & coaching. She attained most of her training in USA and had progressively gained more skills in the area of Human Development and Coaching. 

Gina who is a mother to 4 children, advocates Nurturing Parenting – a method of parenting that promotes a beautifully strong and secure relationship within the family.

Since 2002, Gina has helped thousands of parents successfully breastfeed their babies and coached them in giving the best of life to their children. She is also the author of ‘Love Breastfeeding’ (Breastfeeding Book) and “Nurture Talk’ (Parenting Book). Trained in USA, Gina is much sought-after as a speaker in various groups for her knowledge on Breastfeeding, Holistic Wellness and Fitness Nutrition and Nurturing Parenting.

Gina founded the largest and most active Facebook-based breastfeeding support group in Malaysia: The Breastfeeding Advocates Network (TBAN) with more than150,000 members and are receiving more than 100 new members daily. New parents receive help and support in the group not only to breastfeed their babies but they get help in all aspects of parenting as well.

After kick-starting a new era of postnatal service centres in 2012, she founded Gina's Place: The Breastfeeding Postnatal Centre in 2014 to support mothers in their postnatal rejuvenation and help them meet their breastfeeding goals. Gina would continue to support these parents beyond the breastfeeding phase as their children grow.

Gina is passionate and dedicated to helping others exceed excellence. She hopes that through her education and research, more parents will actively build loving and strong family units.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Mother Breastfeeding Baby

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