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3 Different Classes (available separately or available together in Breastfeeding Plus Package)
Classes are all via Online Video Streaming (like Netflix!)

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e-BF Package
BF Plus
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Breastfeeding, while fundamentally simple, can present challenges for many. Acquiring the necessary knowledge prior to childbirth empowers you to navigate potential hurdles with confidence, ensuring informed decisions when encountering difficulties.

the biological norm

it is simple,
but not necessary easy

for many new moms.


increase your success

& have a more

with us supporting you!


More than 7 hours of Information

In the LoveBreastfeeding Class, you will learn:

  • To understand the laws that make Breastfeeding work

  • Why breastfeeding is most important for your baby

  • How to get the RIGHT START

  • How your breasts produce milk

  • How to maintain a healthy supply

  • What is normal and what to expect during breastfeeding

  • How to identify and achieve Good Latch

  • How to avoid or overcome common problems

  • The different breastfeeding positions

  • How to get enough rest while Breastfeeding

  • To understand  A Baby's Normal Behaviour

  • To get on top of the Game!

Daddies MUST attend this class too, as you will learn:

  • How Daddy can help and be part of the breastfeeding experience.

  • How much your wife and baby need you 

  • ​How very important your presence is to the success of breastfeeding.

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Baby Breastfeeding

What's the difference between this talk and the ones given in hospitals?

The Breastfeeding Talk given by the hospital is usually part of the Ante-natal program. It’s usually a program of 8 different topics – pregnancy, pain management, child care, breastfeeding etc. The classes are usually 2 hours x 4 sessions with just

45 - 60 mins of breastfeeding information

So, you can imagine that there isn’t all that much breastfeeding information given to the soon-to-be parents in a 1-hour session
Also, the Hospital breastfeeding talks are usually given by the matron or sister or just a registered nurse, and the question is – did they breastfeed? More likely than not, they only have book-knowledge, not practical knowledge.

On the other hand, Gina Yong is an experienced mother of 4 who had struggled with breastfeeding her first baby and subsequently successfully breastfeed the others – who better to guide new mamas than a mama who’s been through it all?

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