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Why Choose the Flower Package?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Yes, this website seems obvious... it's about Parenting! Right? Sure yes! But it's actually more than that! It's actually about getting started RIGHT on this amazing journey as new parents.

It's about understanding the natural law of sowing and reaping.

Ask yourself this : "What sort of relationship do I want with my child in 15 years time?"

The most obvious answer is : "I want a relationship in which my child and I are very close to each other, and my child would be able to turn to me for anything."

Next question: "How many of us have this sort of relationship with our own parents?" In order to achieve the close loving relationship you want with your teenager (in 15 years time), the natural law of sowing & reaping usually applies.

If you want to harvest some chili from the chili plant you planted yourself, then you need to sow the seeds first. Then, you would of course have to take care of the seedlings and nurture the chili plant, and protect it from pest etc.. It will be quite a while before you can enjoy the first chili. But, you need to work on it NOW!

It's the same with your teenagers... you need to start working on that close relationship you wanted, as soon as possible, and the best time to do that is while you are still pregnant! You would increase your chance of success if you know exactly what to do and how to do it!

So, it's more than breastfeeding. It's also about Positive Parenting. The FLOWER Package has all the information to help you get started on the right track!


  • Get Started Right

  • Learn what it takes to breastfeed for 6 months to 2 years!

  • How to avoid the common Breastfeeding Problems

  • Love Breastfeeding = Enjoying Breastfeeding

The Breastfeeding is divided into small chapters for easy reference.



  • What you need to know and do before going back to work

  • How to accumulate your frozen Breastmilk Stash

  • Pumping Techniques to maintain a healthy milk supply

  • Milk Boosters

  • How much milk to supply to babysitter?



  • How do I store breastmilk properly?

  • How to know if my milk is spoilt?

  • How long can I store milk in fridge/freezer?

  • How do I transport milk to the childcare centre?


The Power of Nurture Talk is a technique of giving instructions to your child, and because she/he is totally bonded to you, your child will agree and obey you. This technique can be used to help your baby:

  • sleep better

  • breastfeed better

  • take the bottle willingly

  • be happy and calm,

  • many more positive outcomes




  • Understand the Natural Law of Parenting

  • Understand what makes your child tick

  • Utilizing the right approach so that your child will respond positively to you



  • Understand your Child's Physical & Mental Development

  • How to survive Growth Spurts & Mental Leaps

  • Activities to Stimulate your Little Ones

  • Wat does our Children really need from us?



  • How Babywearing can make your Life EASIER

  • How to soothe a crying baby in minutes!

  • Learn how to choose the RIGHT Baby Carrier for your size!



  • When & How to Start your baby on Solid Food

  • Identify Important Weaning Signs

  • Choking and Gagging, what's the difference?

  • Traditional vs Baby-Led Weaning

  • Baby's First Food

.Additionally, you actually get continuous support through the online Forum. You can asked any questions and seek help for any challenges you may face in this forum. Example of questions asked by members:

You can enjoy a rewarding Breastfeeding & awesome Parenting experience

I have just attended Gina’s breastfeeding class and would highly recommend it to all expecting mums and even those who have already delivered.

Here’s a little background to how I ended up seeking for Gina’s help. I found Gina when my baby was 5 weeks old and was suffering from overfeeding issues as we started bottle feeding early. We had very little knowledge about what is enough for the baby’s stomach and kept thinking that if baby latches, it won’t last long until she wants to feed again.

However, given some of the damage we have created due to overfeeding, we were advised by a paed to go for direct latching to avoid overfeeding and I was extremely terrified as my direct latching attempts with my baby in the first 5 weeks were always a hit or miss. The uncertainty surrounding whether my baby will make a big fuss of her latching attempt and whether she is having enough milk made me think twice about whether I should just pump and feed my baby with the bottle all the way.

We decided to stop all the guessing attempts and engage Gina to make it work. Gina’s assessment and subsequent advice on how to make sure the baby latches well is instrumental to my breastfeeding journey so far. In fact, if we knew about her breastfeeding class earlier, my hubby and I wouldn’t have to go through the said uncertainties and would have a better head start.

After the consultation, my hubby and I was determined to understand the key elements to successful breastfeeding and we both watched the pre-recorded classes and attended her live Zoom class as well. Gina’s Breastfeeding class is very comprehensive and answered all that I had to know to avoid the damaging mistakes we made in the first few weeks of my baby’s life.

I would say that the classes and consultation are worth every penny. Thanks Gina loads for your help and for your generous sharing!

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