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Tongue-Tie in Babies affect Breastfeeding

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

As there are plenty of great information on tongue-tie, I feel I do not need to write about what it is and the impact it has on Breastfeeding and in the later life of the baby.

As a Breastfeeding Consultant, I get calls to help mommies with breastfeeding issues and they are usually very often because of a painful latch or baby's inability to latch well. Most of the times, correcting the mom&baby's position, helping baby open his mouth bigger and giving assurances to the mom that she's doing well would improve the latching tremendously. But there are times when all these fail because the root cause of the painful latch is because the baby is born with a tongue-tie! I would of course then recommend a few doctors to the mom and dad. These doctors would be able to correct and release the tongue with a simple procedure called frenectomy. Below is a whatsapp conversation with one of the mommy, and I am sad to say this sort of conversation is not uncommon:

Watch this video response from me:

Not all tongue-ties cause latching problems and not all tongue-ties will be corrected, but a knowledgeable doctor will certainly be able to guide you thru this.

You can also watch a talk by Dr. Sylvia Lim, in which she shared how tongue-tie in babies affect not only breastfeeding but the impact last till adulthood. (video)

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