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Parenting From Within.

Discover the most natural technique of  'programming' your children into developing healthy lifestyle practices while having a more positive outlook on life, ultimately building them into strong, confident individuals.

This class will teach you exactly what to do, and because your baby is totally 'bonded' to you, she/he will agree and obey you.

This is very effective with older children too.

Newborn Baby


Behind every person who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.

Children cannot grow into strong, positive, and driven people without the proper nurture and guidance from the ones who matter most- their parents.

There are many mistakes that we're going make along our Parenting Journey- and that's completely okay

It is going to be okay as long as your children know how much they are loved and valued.


And so, it is your utmost responsibility to ensure that they are aware of that love.


It's no secret that our children are the most precious gift that life can give to us, and that we will protect them at all cost. However, some of us might not know where to start when it comes to knowing when to show affection and knowing when to discipline.


Have faith! You will learn just how, and you will see your relationship with your little ones flourish throughout the years.


In this 90 minute class, you will learn how to 'program' your child into:

  • Sleeping Better (best attended with the Holistic Infant Sleep Guide)

  • Growing Healthier

  • Taking the bottle when Mommy goes to work

  • Reduce/Stop Night Feedings

  • Toddler to Sleep in her own Bed

  • Prevent Biting during Breastfeeding

  • Being Happier & More Confident

  • Being Obedient

  • Being Nice to Others

  • And Many More!

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The Power Of Nurture Talk

RM 120


Valid for one week

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