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Natural Law Parenting.

Understand the Natural Laws for Infant Sleep and set the stage for your family's good night sleep.

Your baby would be able to fall asleep and stay asleep when all her/his needs are met.


Sleepy Baby
  • some sleep training methods

  • biological laws for sleep

  • things mom can do while pregnant to influence baby's sleep after birth

  • things you can do to help baby sleep better

  • develop a daily routine

  • hidden problems affecting baby's sleep

  • weaning night feeds

  • and more!

Happy & Positive Kids

Behind every person who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.

Children cannot grow into strong, positive, and driven people without the proper nurture and guidance from the ones who matter most- their parents.

Parents, empower yourselves to make your own decisions based on your own desire of how you want your children to turn out to be.

Why attend?

"Will I ever sleep again?"

Definitely yes!


However, you may have been told many myths and misconception about sleep that causes you stress and anxiety when it comes to baby's sleep such as


"If your baby do not sleep thru the night at such and such age, it's because you have spoilt him"

NO! Not true!


"if you breastfeed your baby to sleep, you are setting a rod for your back later on."

NO! Not true!

"if your baby is not getting 12 hours of straight sleep at night, his development may be affected."

Definitely not true!


Learn and understand the Natural Laws for healthy sleep, set the stage to a more relaxed and happy family experience.


I promise you : Your baby will eventually sleep without you :-)

What You Will Learn