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Holistic Infant Sleep Guide

Holistic Infant Sleep Guide

RM380.00 Regular Price
RM180.00Sale Price

FREE The Power of Nurture Talk e-class worth RM120.  
FREE for Daddy of Baby to attenhd together

What you will learn:


  • Understanding your baby's sleep patterns: gain insights into baby's natural sleep patterns, including sleep cycles, optimal sleep durations, and how sleep changes as the baby grows. This knowledge can assist parents in setting realistic expectations and creating appropriate sleep routines.

  • Learning gentle and holistic sleep techniques

  • Developing healthy sleep habits: Establishing healthy sleep habits early on is beneficial for both the baby and the entire family. 

  • Addressing sleep challenges: 

  • Promoting parental well-being: Lack of sleep can take a toll on parents' physical and mental well-being. Learning effective sleep techniques for infants can help improve the quality and duration of sleep for both babies and parents, leading to better overall family well-being.

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