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Gina Yong's

Breastfeeding Consultation

please do:

  • Make an appointment ahead of time through                                                       or 


  • Make a deposit payment of RM100 (The balance is payable immediately after the consultation. Should you not turn up, no refund will be given. Should you need to postpone your appointment after confirmation, a penalty of RM50 will be imposed.)

  • Make sure that your baby is hungry during the consultation. (i.e. do not give a bottle no matter what. You can Direct Latch, but absolutely no bottles otherwise baby might be full and asleep.)

"if your intentions are to help people breastfeed, why are you charging for consultation?"


There is of course no guarantee that I will be able to help you 100% successfully breastfeed. There are so many contributing factors that goes into breastfeeding success, and  my recommendations and advice will differ on a case to case basis.

However, I can ensure you that I will give you 100% of my support and encouragement in order to help you achieve as much as you possibly can during your breastfeeding journey.

I charge for my consultation the same reasons doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors, and even normal office workers charge for theirs. 

We all have families to provide for, and have invested many years and a lot of money into our education! 

For those who are willing to DIRECT LATCH baby, and increase milk supply.

(If you are not willing to direct latch, and want to pump exclusively, online consultation is recommended.)

RM200 for the 1st hour + 1 day Whatsapp Consultation

RM50 for every subsequent 30 minutes

50% off for follow-up face to face consultation

RM100/week for follow up Whatsapp Consultation

1.Face to face 

2. video call

Via Zoom / Whatsapp Video Call

RM150 for the 1st hour

RM 50 for every subsequent 30 minutes

3. online messaging

Via Whatsapp / FB Messages

RM150 per week

RM 40 for 1 question per day

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Certified TBAN Breastfeeding Counselors who do home visits:

Do contact the one closest to you & see if they are available to help.


Please note that asking questions in TBAN is always FREE.

Do consider attending my breastfeeding class!

-With      , Gina.